Meet The Doctor

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Dr.Farnaz Zand has been practicing in her Burbank, CA office for over twenty years. A graduate from the University of Southern California’s Orthodontic program, Dr. Farnaz Zand is part of an elite group of Orthodontists that are certified by the American Board of Orthodontics, showing a commitment to excellence and the pursuit of knowledge in her field. Dr. Zand has received multiple awards from her community and in her field, including multiple awards from “America’s Top Dentists” over the years.


Dr. Farnaz Zand is also the inventor of the “Zand Gauge”, a revolutionary bracket placement system that is used across the nation by other specialists in her field. She is constantly woking to improve not only her own practice, but to help make strides in the field of Orthodontics to improve performance, efficacy and patient comfort.

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